Niche Site Project – My blog about internet marketing and productivity. This is the best place to catch up with me — go sign up for the email list. Check out my about page.

YouTube Channel – I talk about Affiliate Marketing, SEO, and AI, plus I have some VLOGS.

Doug.Show Podcast – I talk about affiliate marketing, entrepreneurship, beer, travel, and random topics.

Mile High FI Podcast – Available on all the podcast networks and YouTube. Real talk about Financial Independence and life after corporate jobs. Carl Jensen and Doug Cunnington talk about FI, lifestyle, side hustles, health, and anything on their minds. Plus, they interview experts and non-experts interested in the FI lifestyle. It’s raw, candid, pretty much like you get to sit in on a private conversation.

Multi Profit Site – My premium course on creating an Authority Niche Site, start-to-finish, that earns from multiple profit streams. I have a few other courses too. They aren’t always open for enrollment, so shoot me an email if you have questions about any of the courses. (doug (@)

Here is my LinkedIn profile.

Survive the 9 to 5 Podcast – My wife and I talk about working a corporate job. Or not working in a corporate job in my case. We did about 20 episodes before hanging up the mic.